After a six-month “rest” in Canada and a job gone sour (my supervisor was… well, let’s just say I don’t use those kinds of words in mixed company) I’m back on the market once more. While I’m trying to see things on the sunnier side of the street, I have to admit that I had far too many expectations of what “home” was supposed to be like.

My primary expectations were that it would be easy, simple to adapt back to, and the streets were lined with people offering me interesting and meaningful work.It’s been great hooking up with old friends and my partner, not being stared at on the street (i.e. finally blending in with the crowd), and enjoying the comfort and familiarity of Toronto. Transportation systems that work, people who speak my language, and being able to easily get Asian food any time of the day or night – it’s been fun playing tourist in my own country.

But now we’re off again. Can’t keep a couple of good nomads down, it seems. The GF got a job offer with her old organization so she’s heading back to Jozi on the 10th of September. For the last few months I’ve been doing what I can/need to do in order to stay in Toronto and spend time with her, but now that she’s off… well, there’s really not much keeping me here. It’s been fun folks; I’ll grab my hat and wave goodbye on my way out.

I have a couple options that may or may not be open back in Africa and I’m just waiting to hear back from those… and trying not to panic that my life is currently one big blank open book. (Not succeeding very well, admittedly).

We’re doing a two week trip to see the family in Calgary before she heads off – and since she’s never met any of my family in the last 5 years of being together… well, it’s just about time.

And after that…
Who knows?

Wish me luck. Here we go, back on the crazy open road that is my existence.