I’m back in Kinshasa after a two week holiday – one week in Canada, another in South Africa.

It was awesome.
It’s hard to be back.

Canada was a whirlwind of visits with family members, and great home cooking (Thanks MOM!!), as well as loads of shopping. Loved the shopping. Yay first world amenities!

South Africa was great – lots of friends, got to see my partner, more shopping, and plenty of time to just chill out and relax after 3 months of craziness in the Congo.

So now I’m back.

Our department has been transferred under a new boss. He’s a shmuck. In my first week in Canada I got an email questioning my “outputs”, despite the fact that we didn’t get a chance to meet before I left for my leave to explain all the progress I’ve achieved. This week there was another confrontational email stating that I should be clear that there is no chance of me extending my time here. I’m not sad about this, especially if staying means that I have to work under this idiot.

Head office is working on alternatives. I also had an interview in Johannesburg for a job in Canada that would be fantastic. My future is still bright.

So after 2 weeks of being showered with nothing but love and attention I’m back to my solitary apartment eating quick-food pizza, channel surfing, and waiting for my few friends here to return from their leave time. It’s lonely and boring and hard to adapt back.

Things are also heating up in the waiting period before the election results. There was an incident last weekend where 4 Congolese were killed during a candidate’s rally. Last night we were also sent home from the office early as a problem erupted between this same candidate’s army and the national forces. We’ve been asked today to update our personal inventory list as many are previewing an imminent evacuation. Interesting.

Again, another reason I won’t be too heartbroken to leave this place.

I’ve had a good time here so far, done loads of work in the short time of my contract, but feel that my colleagues will be fine without me, and maybe it’s time to go elsewhere or even back home. I miss my partner and my family.

Home sweet home. Wherever that is for now.