30 and flirty…

My thirtieth birthday was by far one of the best celebrations I’ve ever had. And if it was any indication of the year to come things are going to be just fine. Good friends, good wine, laughter, all the SA meat you can braai! 😉

Thirty is going to be good.

I had my reservations at first. I mean, it seems like so much more of a serious decade than your twenties. Time to smarten up, wear better clothing purchased from stores with only one two-syllable name (Woolworths, Edgars, etc.), NOT from Value Village, time to talk about mortgages and cars and responsibilities, time to think about babies and smart casual business attire to the next stakeholders meeting, time to get serious.

Last night dispelled any notions of thirty being remotely as boring as all that.

I made a point to pamper the hell out of myself this week. The Visa bill has taken a whomping, but I feel sexier and stylier than I think I ever have. New sassy bras from La Senza (purple, even! The first coloured bra to EVER make it into my wardrobe!!), new pants (light green! Again, another venture into colour!), a haircut with my FIRST EVER professional colour/highlight job, and a trip to a clairvoyant to help me out with some direction for this new decade!

Apparently it’ll be a good one filled with lots of travel, good people, good luck (by May) and a great job in HIV/AIDS.

Oh, as an update, I managed to secure a position with a partner organization. This means that I can move into this new gig by January or February if all the paperwork gets sorted in time. I’m so excited to begin this work as it’s infinitely more interesting to me than what I’m currently doing. More responsibility, more notoriety, and more travel. Hooray!

Speaking of travel, ton and I will be on our way some time next week to the coast. The beaches of Port St. Johns await us. Sun and sand and all the seafood you can imagine sounds like the very thing that we both need after a hectic year here in Jozi. I’m hoping we can save some cash in the meantime and do some snorkeling or even scuba when we’re there. Would be stunning. Won’t be coming back from leave until the 9th of January, so it’s going to be a good long holiday!

Shigazi with her Im a big meany face on (lies, all lies!)

Shigazi with her "I'm a big meany" face on (lies, all lies!)

I had a small trip to the Draakensburg Mountains last weekend. It was astounding. I went with a couple guy friends and we just spent our time lounging, looking at the beautiful scenery, playing in the pool, and eating 5-star buffet dinners! It was a very calm and relaxing weekend – definitely what the doctor ordered after so much work and pain associated with our time here in SA so far. It was nice to be in the mountains – they always humble me into realizing that my problems are so insignificant in the grand spectrum of time on this planet.

I hope all is well on your side of the globe. I want to wish you all a happy holiday season. Please be safe and share the love. We’ll see you all in the new year! This one’s going to rock. I promise. 😉

The REAL Shigazi

The REAL Shigazi

Ps. We named the dog Shigazi after Shaka Zulu’s fiercest and most devoted warrior – we’re hoping that the big fluffmuffin that is our dog will somehow find the name inspirational should the time come for her to be ferocious in battle! 😉

Pss. Still no laptop on the horizon – any money I got from my current job top-up went straight into the piece of junk that I call my car… and it’s still not operational. Sighhhh…Everybody sing: “Some dayyyy my computer will come, some dayyyy…”