amber and the locals2
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Durban was fantastic.

as mentioned, i went with a colleague and her husband and child. the trip wasn’t bad as there were plenty of lush rolling hills and amazing green-ness all around to look at on the way.

we arrived at my colleagues brother’s place, a b&b in development. the walls were actually half torn down – it kinda reminded me of growing up with a designer for a mother – always walking through jobsites envisioning what it would become while desperately trying to figure out how to find privacy to pee in a toilet with no lid and/or no doors on the bathroom! 😉 it was a free place to stay though, and it will be an amazing resort venue when completed.

the first day was spent in the city of Durban itself. i wandered around, looked at some of the local crafts, hung out on the beach, played in the waves with the local kids, ate some tasty food for brunch, then hooked up with my colleague when her meeting was over. we went for a walk afterwards around the Umkomass (where we were staying) beach and collected shells with the 2 year old. good fun.

the next day i nursed my sore shoulders as i didn’t realise that slightly overcast days also pack a walloping punch for white unprotected skin. i stayed home and chilled until Nick, the brother, returned from work in Joburg.

he arrived with two very cool Belgian tattoo artists and their south african friend. we hit the beach once more after admiring each others’ ink! 😉

the next day, a trip to the touristy “Valley of 1000 Hills” resulted in us getting to see great scenery and an even better performance by some of the local actors. we were treated to a “love story” where many of the customs, especially the wedding, were outlined to us foreigners. it was fun and kitschy and the actors had a great time (it was obvious that they knew their lines far too well!). we also had a great time as we laughed and joked with them afterwards.

just before the show Nick took us to an authentic Sangoma (Witch Doctor). I asked for a reading and, amazingly enough, the woman knew quite a bit about any physical ailments i had and a lot about my family history. it actually blew my mind.

after the Sangoma and the performance we went back to the beach. we basically played in the waves each day. i was also able, on the last day, to throw some coins into the water – one of the many rituals assigned to me by the Sangoma. apparently i’ll now have good luck in a years time.

i have no idea how i could have any better luck than this life that i’m living. somewhere on this continent my heart is buried and i can never get over how calm and happy i am when here. i have good friends all over the world, a good family, and an amazing world that is my playground.

Durban (and surrounding area) was fun – it felt good to get a bit of a “vacation” and i can’t wait for more fun in the sun for the holidays. in the meantime i have a whack of work to do so i better get doing it rather than talking about it in online journals!!

all the best to everyone. my huge spirit (huge according to the Sangoma!) is with all those i love. perhaps my good luck will be that you join me soon!! 😉