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A quick note as i’m about 10 minutes away from the beginning of a trip to the Indian Ocean coast! A colleague of mine mentioned earlier this week that she (regretfully) had to head to Durban for a business meeting. Regretfully? Sun, sand, surf and turf? Who could possibly think negative about such a journey!?! I jokingly mentioned that if she had space in the car I’d be willing to suffer such a journey along with her! In exchange for a night or two of babysitting I’ve been offered both a lift and a place to stay when we get there!! WOOHOOOO!!!

I can’t explain how excited I am. I know it’s weird to say it since I’m surrounded by newness, I could really use the “vacation”! I don’t consider life here much of time off since i do the 9 to 5, and on the weekends basically do what i’d do in Montreal: spend time at home or with friends. I’m looking forward to getting out of the city, laying on the beach working on my tan, snorkelling with pretty fishies in the warm ocean water.

I couldn’t sleep last night for the excitement. Thoughts of Durban vacations led to thoughts of the trip to Mozambique I’ll be taking with my bestest buddy for the holidays. Thoughts of Adam then led to thoughts of Tonya and meeting her at the airport in January. Suffice it to say I was so riled up and excited about the next month and a half that I got maybe 4 hours sleep. I came into work to my colleague Buhle telling me that I better not sleep on the way there in the car for the scenery is spectacular! I’ll definitely have my camera out the whole time! Perhaps sleep will come while laying prone on the soft sand this weekend with a good book deliciously balanced on my chest!

So much love to all! I hope you have a great weekend (try to find some sun somewhere if you can!) and I’ll be back in Jo’burg by Wednesday!

Life is soooo good. 🙂