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day 2 of working at my organisation. things are pretty fabulous so far. i’m doing the kind of work i love to do, working with cool young organised professional people, and looking forward to the challenges and rewards to come. it’s been too long i’ve been wanting a job like this… i feel thrilled that i’ve finally arrived.

i only wish home could be so fantastic. 😦

i’m sure that the situation could be worse, but my roommates are a bit of a challenge. there’s 4 of us in the house, 3 women and one guy. i don’t mind the two other women but they’re a bit, hmm… how to say this… well, “mainstream”. let’s just say that they don’t really notice me unless i wear a skirt or long dangly earrings. they were totally tripped out when i got my haircut (i just wanted a trim but locals don’t often know how to do “white” hair – it’s pretty short!). i think my “lifestyle” weirds them out a bit even though they don’t say so in so many words. i’m also quite tired of the endless tedious conversations regarding various “cute little pair(s) of sandals i saw downtown for a good price”. the common language currency between the women in the house seems to be fashion, accessories, and the cost of these things. as i am interested in none of this i end up feeling completely conversationally broke.

one of my female roommates also spends most of her time excessively apologising for everything, looking at me after everything i say with total and utter confusion, and acting as if me not having anything to say or leaving the room means that i’m somehow offended by something she’s said or done. hypersensitive? understatement.

she also spends a good portion of her time muttering little bitchy passive agressive garbage. heaven forbid that guests come over unexpectedly for dinner (true story), she’ll mutter about not having enough food to feed everyone (rather than simply boiling more water for more pasta) then mutter throughout the meal, in front of the guests, the same thing (even if more pasta was made and there’s now more than enough food for everyone). this has happened at least twice now, and other similar events with other similar outcomes have transpired. hmmm. remind me not to live with uptight morons next time, okay?

the guy is even more of a peice of work in that he is by far the most vulgar and offensive speaking individual i think i’ve ever met. when he’s not off at the basketball court smoking up with his new-found buddies he’s talking about some new “bitch” he’s “boning”. if this previous sentence offends you i’ll stave off repeating some of the more colourful monologues he’s come up with. he (jokingly?) hits on the other two roommates and it makes me nauseous. fortunately he doesn’t even acknowledge my presence on most days.

suffice it to say i’ve been improving on my cut and paste and colouring techniques in the solitude of my room every night as i search desperately for something to pass the time. anyone wishing to be a recipient of such new-found creativity can put their orders in now – it looks like i’ll have time as i wait for the 3 month lease to run out!

the city is fine otherwise. i’m adapting. i’m pretty lonely and it comes in waves. i expected this to happen and so i move between being really thrilled to be here and really sad that everyone i love is not. i miss shared history and the ability to communicate openly about everything. i miss feeling like whatever i say or do is okay and accepted by people who love me. i miss hearing people’s voices when i’m feeling lonely and alone in the evenings. i miss knowing where to go when i’m bored. i miss the metro and cheap/free phone calls. if you’re reading this, chances are good that i’ve missed you in the last week.

i’ll have a phone by the 29th of the month. no doubt i’ll be spending most of my income on long distance calls right about then. amber, coming soon to a phone near you.

in the meantime please keep the emails and calls to the office coming. regardless of the distance, i’m still connected to you.

all my love and longing. a.