finally in jo’burg. day 2 of being here. i’m still pretty tired and jet-lagged but went into town with my roommate early this morn so that i can do some shopping for basics.

the city is fine. nothing super remarkable. lots of traffic and a fair bit of smog. much like toronto, or a more polluted calgary.

other than the pollution, it smells a lot like the Africa i remember – musty rich wood and deep red earth. the birds are fantastic – brightly coloured, loud and proud, and there are hundreds of them… or so it seems when they wake me up around 5am! 😛 my dreams last night consisted of people speaking and responding in tweets. very weird.

today i’ll be going over to the ngo of one of my roommates since they’ve set up an info fair for National NGO Day (?!?!). i want to see what some of the other ngo’s are up to in the area and this will be a good opportunity to “network”.

i met my boss and the staff yesterday. they all seem pretty nice and well organised. it’s a larger organisation and they seem to be running fairly smoothly. i’m looking forward to starting on monday.

this weekend my roommates (there are 4 of us in the house, all from the sending organisation) and I will head to the flea market to check out some of the local arts and crafts. i’m REALLY looking forward to this. there’s also a party for all the sending organisation’s volunteers in the city on Saturday so this should be awesome as well.

i have a home address now. you can email me directly for that information. i should also have a phone by next week when i start work. we’ll be getting a land line for the house by next week as well. i imagine i’ll be feeling a little lonely as the novelty of travel wears off in the next couple weeks so i’d love contact from home!

much love to all. more updates to come when i’m not spending so much cash at internet cafe’s!!