Okay, so i’m definitely going crazy with waiting.

A whack of paperwork and running around was sprung on me last week (for those who are asking I’m supposed to leave on Oct 7th) by the organisation. It was a hairy end to the week but finally got it all off on Friday. I was then told that due to this and that bureaucratic blah blah blah I may be postponed once more until the 13th.

Didn’t I say that I wanted to go already?

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

I’m standin’ here outside your door

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

On the positive side I’ve had a bit more time to deal with storage, packing, hanging out with Ton’s new roomie Tim (very cool guy), harassing the cat (very cool cat), watching movies, seeing friends, eating stuff that is only justified due to ideas like, “well hey, they just may not have cheesies like this in Jo’burg!”, etc.

Three is a crowd, however, and it’s hard not to feel a little cramped with the three of us (and all our accompanying boxes of crap) in the house.

We finally cleaned away all the plaster mess from early last week though, so the house isn’t looking like it’s in too great a shambles anymore. Monday morning found me waking early to finish painting a plaster meatball on a fork. Tonya had a performance and so last weekend was focused on completing a huge dragon head for her part in the show. I’ve decided that my life will have been a success if I get to end it by spending my days making plaster meatballs.

This weekend was pretty phenomenal, especially Saturday. Tonya and I turned off the phone and decided to spend Saturday not worrying or thinking about our respective stressors. Late morning rising followed by a big breakfast and a cuddle; shopping downtown and I got to pick up my new glasses (yes, I am now officially a permanent glasses-wearer (sob!)) while Ton picked out some stellar clothes at the mall; a movie (Shrek 2, YAY!) topped off with an amazing Ethiopian feast at a great restaurant near home (Au Messob d’Or on Monkland – HIGHLY recommended!!) and a walk in a mild autumn eve. It was a great day! I’ve decided that my eventual goal is to become independently wealthy so that I can have these kinds of days every day for the rest of my life (followed by the aforementioned meatball-crafting retirement plans, of course!).

So I’m hoping that the next entry I add will be from Jo’burg. I’ve got an address already in the city, but will post it once I’m settled there and able to actually get any post that anyone may send! I wanna go. I wanna go. I wanna go. (whimper).