so i’ve gotten more than a few questions regarding excitement levels and i haven’t really known what to say. so far i’ve mostly just been preoccupied with arrangements and medicals and so on.

the other day while walking with Ton down busy st. caths we were both talking about the cool stuff of africa we both missed.

it suddenly hit me with an audible bang. wobbly legs, floating head, jumping heart. so yeah, i guess the excitement has now hit. the reality has set in now that I feel like most of the planning stage is almost over. all that is left is packing and last-minute stuff, so now the excitement is building full force.

i’ve been working hard and waiting for something good like this to come along. i originally held off applying for these kinds of overseas postings given my emotional commitments (friends and loved ones) in montreal.

once i finally decided that things would be fine, even if relationships were forced apart for a year, things kinda worked out for the best by themselves.

Ton will be joining me in jo’burg in january. i’m pretty happy that i’ll be inheriting a housewife for a little while – until she gets settled. i can’t even begin to describe what a fabulous cook she is.

an early graduation for her means that there will be less time spent apart, followed by an amazing opportunity for her to volunteer and get her feet wet in development while being financially and medically supported by my organisation. i wish that i’d had that kind of amazing set-up as a graduation gift!

it’s also good for me in that i’ve never traveled with anyone before. i’m looking forward to the experience in s. africa being a shared one.

now, all that’s missing is my itinerary.

i wanna go already.